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60 Minute Self Defenseā„¢ Discount

60 Minute Self Defense Course featuring SDTS Combatives. Includes threat awareness, identification, avoidance, and primary close combat skills for single and multiple, larger and stronger attackers.


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Guardian Weapon Retention™ Discount

Proven methods of close combat to retain control of your weapon no matter how big, determined and dangerous your assailant.

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What you get with The 60-Minute Self Defenseā„¢ Web Course

If you want to try something that will keep you alive, that is simple yet effective, and at a very reasonable price, I highly recommend the Self Defense Training Company's products. -Detective John M. Landry

One of the most effective training systems I have ever seen. Please pay close attention. Your life may depend on it. -Tim Schmidt, President, US Concealed Carry Association